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Autism Support Created by Autists.

All services at OurTism were created by autists who needed the support themselves

Who We Serve

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Autistic Adults

Autistic Teens

Most of our programming is built for 18+ years of age. We help adults navigate life beyond high school, figure out their goals, move out, find financial independence, locate services, explore higher education, and so much more.

You are not alone! OurTism supports parents in their education about autism and building connections with their child. Want a better relationship, deeper understanding and tools to best support your child? Then go to the source.

We support teenagers transitioning into adulthood who are ready to explore what life looks like beyond high school. Starting at 16+ years of age, you can join.

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How We Can Help

Autism Coaching

Life coaching for autism. Work with a coach to work toward your goals.

"My Coach kept me going. With each step I took, I felt more confident in my abilities to find a job myself in my desired field."

Parent Coaching

Work with a coach to rebuild trust and connection with your autistic child.

"He was beaming with happiness after.

You made him feel part of the OurTism community and that is priceless !!"


Meet Others Who Get It! Talk about your lived experience with other autistic adults and listen to their stories. 

"It is the first time I have felt comfortable in a group, and maybe I can just be myself."


Workshops educating on various topics related to autism.

“I’m selectively mute unless I’m in OurTims or with people I trust”

Service Provider Training

Training provided by lived experience autists to learn how to better work with autistic clients

“When I get here I treat it like a glass ball i don’t want to drop.”

Need help figuring out which services are right for you?
Book a free 30-minute Q&A and let us help guide you:



We understand the need to feel heard because, as autists, we have lived this ourselves. We value making sure you feel heard, here are just some of the ways we try and make sure that happens.

We're different. At OurTism, our values drive everything we do. We listen and honor all individuals and their needs. We collaborate with our clients. We created the support we needed. We hope the services we created for ourselves work just as well for you.

This is a place where everyone’s voice is important.

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