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People We Recommend


Mychal's Learning Place: 
Mychal’s Learning Place provides the support, training and opportunities to youth and young adults with developmental disabilities to build their independence and pursue their goals and dreams.

Jessie Ginsburg:
SLP Jessie Ginsburg knows that a deep understanding of sensory processing is integral to our work with autistic children. In order to increase communication, we first have to improve a child's regulation.

California Regional Center: 
Regional centers provide assessments,
determine eligibility for services, and offer case management services. Regional centers also develop, purchase, and coordinate the services in each person’s Individual Program Plan.


Lianna Gliksman: 
As a neurodiversity-affirming therapist, my approach is rooted in the belief that we all have unique strengths, struggles, and differences. It's not about changing who you are, it's about figuring out what works for you. Together let's help you find some comfort in a world that can be incredibly uncomfortable.

The Association for Autism Neurodivergency (AANE) provides individuals, families, and professionals with information, education, community, support, and advocacy.

Total Spectrum Counseling:

Joel Schwartz


Danny Raede: Asperger Experts: 
Take It From Us, We've Lived It
You've found a place for help, advice, guidance & hope straight from the horse's mouth. Asperger Experts is created & run by people on the autistic spectrum, so you can learn best practices & mistakes to avoid directly from those who've been there and lived it.

Eva Angvert: 
As the creator of BEAM LiFE, I am specializing in a body-centered approach to recovery and full body-mind wellness. I help you “Reclaim, Restore, and Recover” Yourself to Be Reaction Free!

If You Live in California

Cost of OurTism services can be covered by your local Regional Center under Self-Determination. An autism diagnosis qualifies you for regional center. In some cases diagnosis can be provided by regional center.

If you are already on regional center services, ask your case manager about Self Determination.

Already in the Self Determination Program?

Add OurTism services to your budget
Contact your Financial Management Service (FMS) about payment.
If OurTism isn’t already vendored under your FMS, contact us and we will work out the next steps.

Make sure your services are approved by FMS. FMS does not reimburse for any payments you have made in the past.

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Need help figuring out which services are right for you?
Book a free 30-minute Q&A and let us help guide you:

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