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Service Provider Training

You work in the field and are looking to get the lived experience perspective!

First of all thank you so much for doing the work that so often is left out. You are doing more than most. It is very much appreciated. 25% of your fees will go directly into the scholarship fund for our Autistic clients to get the services they need.

Image by Henry & Co.

Here Are Some of the Resources We Offer:


Case by Case Call with OurTism
Book a call with OurTism about an individual case of yours that you need support with. Book an hour session talking with someone who has lived through what your client has. One of our founders may be able to walk you through where you might have gotten stuck.


Monthly Support Call
Join the service provider weekly support call with others in the field looking to help each other out. Weekly meet on Zoom with OurTism to discuss individual cases or big topics about autism.


Book a Workshop Or Speaking Engagement
Book an educational workshop to help you and others better understand autism, presented by autistic individuals.

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